The Modernphase owes its unique sound to the multi-talented persona of Kali (Luis G.Vallespin), an audio engineer, producer, DJ, press agent and blogger.
Kali is involved in several projects and bands, including Gameboyz (Relish, La belle, Clouded Vision, Biologic) & Javato and Disfrutones. He is also co-owner of Spanish label ‘Melómana Records’ and « Como las Grecas Blog » beside the Boss German MT
His other duties include acting as press agent for labels such as Scalectric Music, Rotten City, Play Pal Music, Shara Music and Melomana; teaching musical computing at Promusica ( and record engineering at Promusica studios in Extremadura; Featuring differents radioshows at Pure Ibiza Radio (Techno Mode ON & Como las Grecas Radioshow)