John Patter


Jonas grew up in Mažeikiai, an industrial town in Lithuania, famous for its oil industry, which apparently is a very proper soil for electronic music. Like most kids back in the days, he took up trombone, piano and breakdance. His early music experience was influenced by broken beat and so he started to mix Hip Hop and Funk music under the alias Calli.

He paused his exploration of music for a while after reaching Minimal Techno and relishing its scope of creativity. He discovered MINUS in 2007 and immediately became a big fan of Magda, Marc Houle, Heartthrob and the likes. Shortly he started showcasing his personal selections in various festivals and venues all over Lithuania. He got acquainted with his future partner-in-crime Pupa and Shn, head promoter of the foremost Lithuanian techno community Step by step, Calli consolidated as a key perfomer in the Lithuanian techno scene.

Concentrating on one style turned out to be hard, so Calli continued his musical pilgrimage by playing in many clubs and festivals around his home country. Matured and experienced, he was confident enough to start his own production. His talent was quickly noticed by Mantas T., the founder of a Lithuanian net-label Partyzanai, and in 2011 Jonas proudly presented his first EP ‘Acid from Nowhere’, which quickly gained recognition in the techno audience.

A few Techno and Tech House EPs in different labels soon followed, including his latest and most profound EP „Reverse Stories“, recorded in collaboration with the Lithuanian techno pioneer Pagalve. Their vinyl was later supported by James Ruskin, Maya Jane Coles and even Joseph Capriati himself. During his career, Calli was lucky enough to jog turntables both locally and abroad with Troy Pierce, Marc Houle, DJ T., Dash Rush, Snuff Crew and many others.

Later on the producer’s new love, Dark Disco-inspired spacious sound, started to beg for a new artistic alias. John Patter was born and the alter ego was a good enough reason to invest on new studio equipment and broaden his abilities of production. Launched with remixes for ba., a Lithuanian post-punk prodigy, and Latvian producers Esoniq & Negorod, he soon began laying some serious studio work and came up with his debut EP „Space Race“ in 2015, released in Ninefont.